Small business trends 2013

Since so many of our valued Grolsch Swingtop Circle members are small business owners and entrepreneurs, we thought it important to share with you some of the more interesting articles predicting trends in business for this new year. This one, from the website , particularly caught our eye as it refers to ideas that continually cropped up in our networking sessions in 2012. Read and take notes!

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Open communication

Consumers are talking more and more publicly and it will become even easier for them to be ‘inside’ our businesses through social platforms. This is an opportunity for small businesses to listen to what their customers really want and cater to that. Consumers will be dictating what they want and the brands that listen will be the ones that keep growing and creating more raving fans. So listen up!


Thanks to open communication and the online world, business will keep becoming more transparent and I strongly believe that dodgy businesses will find it harder and harder to hide and excellent providers will be thriving more and more supported by their raving fans. I still feel like there is quite a lot of BS out there that needs cleaning up and transparency will certainly help with that.


How easy is it nowadays to find a solution to a problem! All you need to do is hop on the computer and ‘google’.

If I am looking for a plumber for example, there are around eight plumbers in my geographic area I could choose from. Consumers have got a huge choice now. So how do you make sure to be the number one choice? You need to add more value and stand out from the rest. I also believe that despite the easiness of buying stuff from just about anywhere in the world, there will also be a movement of people supporting more local businesses, so don’t hide where you are coming from and tap into that market.

Community and belonging

Someone might have two thousand friends on Facebook but still feel lonely because there is often a lack of deeper human connection. This is nothing new, history shows that people have always had a need to belong to something, but the online social world has changed how we interact.People will be craving ‘real’ human connection more and more, a reason why some religious groups are growing quite substantially. This is something you can leverage for your business by creating a meaningful community your clients want to belong to.

Businesses with a purpose

There will be an even bigger push in creating businesses that are doing good for the world. Businesses with a great vision will not only be supported by its fans and customers, they will also attract more talent. Especially amongst a younger workforce, the aim to work for a company with a great purpose is often considered more important than money.


We live in a society that loves personal stories. Look at all the popular reality TV shows! People want stories and you need to share yours, no matter how big or small you think it is. Being authentic, human, and more personal will play an even bigger role in the future. People want to know who is behind the business and how it came about, so share your story.


Video is another fantastic way for people to connect with you and see who is behind the brand and it will continue to be a fantastic marketing tool in the new year. So get over your fear and get yourself in front of a camera.

Mobile devices

Marketing to mobile devices will become a huge market segment including apps and online magazines. This will create a massive target area for savvy online marketers.


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